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GT Instruction in the ELAR ClassroomGT Instruction in the ELAR Classroom
Shakespeare Sits Here: GT Instruction in the ELAR classroom provides real-world examples of how to consistently challenge and inspire Gifted and Talented students through an established culture of learning. 
GT STEM Inquiry using PhET SimulationsGT STEM Inquiry using PhET Simulations
Learn how to use and implement PhET Simulations in your GT and STEM classrooms.
GT Students: Differentiating InstructionGT Students: Differentiating Instruction
Learn about the various options that you have for differentiating instruction for GT students with this 1-hour course. 
GT: Differentiated AssessmentsGT: Differentiated Assessments
Explore assessment terminology, assessment tools, and discover why differentiated assessments are necessary for your GT students. 
GT: Emotional Needs of GT StudentsGT: Emotional Needs of GT Students
In this course you will learn how to understand the emotional needs of GT students to be better able to meet their educational needs.
GT: Energizing K-5 GT ScienceGT: Energizing K-5 GT Science
This course focuses on differentiation in your science classroom using different types of inquiry to challenge your GT students. 
GT: Engaging the Gifted StudentGT: Engaging the Gifted Student
The purpose of this Gifted and Talented course is to replace some of the myths and misconceptions about our GT population with learning environments and teaching strategies that engage, motivate, and challenge ...
GT: Functional PerfectionismGT: Functional Perfectionism
Explore and learn about functional perfectionism in GT students, as well as how to manage and guide these students in your classroom.
GT: Growth & Maturity in GT StudentsGT: Growth & Maturity in GT Students
The goal of this course is that you learn ways to enhance your students’ intellectual growth and social maturity so you can help prevent such problems.
GT: Growth Approach to GT InstructionGT: Growth Approach to GT Instruction
Teachers can be flexible and insightful escalator operators, continually challenging and extending the most capable students beyond where they are. This course will showcase effective approaches to GT instructi...