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CIPA & COPPA for TeachersCIPA & COPPA for Teachers
In this course, we’ll talk about the background of these laws, their details, how they apply to teachers and librarians, and protect children.
Communication Tools for the ClassroomCommunication Tools for the Classroom
We all know that communication between teachers, parents, and students is an important ingredient that leads to successful student learning. When teachers, parents, and students keep each other in the loop, the...
Digital Citizenship for EducatorsDigital Citizenship for Educators
Digital Citizenship is the process of guiding everyone to use technology appropriately and responsibly. In this course, you will learn proper digital communication, digital rights and responsibilities, digital...
Digital Citizenship for Students 5-8Digital Citizenship for Students 5-8
In this course for students, we’re going to talk about Proper searching, Privacy and Identity Theft, Copyright, and Cyberbullying.
Digital Citizenship for Students 9-12Digital Citizenship for Students 9-12
In this course for students, we’re going to talk about Proper searching, Privacy and Identity Theft, Copyright, and Cyberbullying.
GT: Increasing Your GT DiversityGT: Increasing Your GT Diversity
In this Gifted and Talented course, we cover Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and the Renzulli Giftedness model, as well as strategies for supporting diverse students.
GT: Raising the BarGT: Raising the Bar
This course provides specific tools and techniques to raise the bar so Gifted and Talented students are challenged and are learning new material daily in school.
Intro to Google ChromeIntro to Google Chrome
In this webinar, we take a look at Google Chrome, how it works, and some of the latest and greatest apps and extensions to make your time on the internet more productive and enjoyable.
Mental Health SB460: Part 3Mental Health SB460: Part 3
Welcome to the final part of the three part Eduhero series on Mental Health and Education – required of all Texas Educators by Senate Bill 460, effective on September 1, 2013. We will identify symptoms of psy...
Podcasting for EducatorsPodcasting for Educators
Explore the perks of podcasting and how it can enhance your teaching experience with ipadio!