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Assessment StrategiesAssessment Strategies
This course is intended for all Texas K-12 teachers, especially those who are relatively new to teaching. Its goal is to enhance your understanding and use of strategies for assessing student learning.
Before it Breaks: Classroom ManagementBefore it Breaks: Classroom Management
This course will illustrate how a positive, proactive approach to classroom management facilitates student learning and makes for happier teachers.
Bullying Prevention for School PersonnelBullying Prevention for School Personnel
Bullying is a serious and growing concern. This course is based on the latest Texas laws regarding the issue and includes adaptions of materials from the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University. (...
CIPA & COPPA for TeachersCIPA & COPPA for Teachers
In this course, we’ll talk about the background of these laws, their details, how they apply to teachers and librarians, and protect children.
Classroom ConflictClassroom Conflict
This course will provide you with education and training in how to deal with different types of conflict in the classroom. We will identify how and when conflict can enhance learning, as well as the circumstan...
Classroom Management & BYOTClassroom Management & BYOT
Examples of student expectations and contracts as well as management tips for using "Bring Your Own Technology" in the classroom will be shared. We will also discuss the classroom enagagement tools such as Pad...
Customer Service in SchoolsCustomer Service in Schools
Within education there are many opportunities to delight the people you come into contact with. This course will help you understand how implementing a good customer service attitude can improve your interactio...
Differentiating with TechnologyDifferentiating with Technology
The use of different technology in a classroom setting can have many positive benefits. This course will guide you through several resources available to educators and how these can be implemented in instructio...
Digital Citizenship for EducatorsDigital Citizenship for Educators
Digital Citizenship is the process of guiding everyone to use technology appropriately and responsibly. In this course, you will learn proper digital communication, digital rights and responsibilities, digital...
Dyslexia Awareness Module 1Dyslexia Awareness Module 1
In this 4-part series, Module 1 focuses on increasing your knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of dyslexia to help you identify students at-risk for reading difficulties.