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Communication Tools for the ClassroomCommunication Tools for the Classroom
We all know that communication between teachers, parents, and students is an important ingredient that leads to successful student learning. When teachers, parents, and students keep each other in the loop, the...
Microsoft Excel 2016: AdvancedMicrosoft Excel 2016: Advanced
In the last module of Excel 2016, you will learn how to define data editing, format and label charts, describe absolute and relative references, create complex charts, and copy, reuse and print worksheets and c...
Microsoft Excel 2016: IntermediateMicrosoft Excel 2016: Intermediate
In Part 2 of the Microsoft Excel 2016 course, we’ll look more closely at entering and manipulating data, editing charts, and adding formulas.
Microsoft Excel 2016: IntroductionMicrosoft Excel 2016: Introduction
This course will explore the new features in Microsoft Excel 2016, as well as go over the fundamental tools that this spreadsheet software has to offer.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: AdvancedMicrosoft PowerPoint 2016: Advanced
In this advanced course you will learn how to customize animations and transitions. We'll take a closer look at presenter options, as well as how to broadcast your presentation online.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: IntermediateMicrosoft PowerPoint 2016: Intermediate
Dive deeper into Themes, Layouts, and Templates to make your presentations even more fantastic!
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: IntroductionMicrosoft PowerPoint 2016: Introduction
Explore the new features in this edition of PowerPoint and explore the tools that the 2016 edition has to offer.
Microsoft Word 2016: AdvancedMicrosoft Word 2016: Advanced
In this final course you will learn how to customize themes, modify fonts, create interactive page elements and keep track of changes in Microsoft Word 2016.
Microsoft Word 2016: IntermediateMicrosoft Word 2016: Intermediate
In this course we’re going to dig a little deeper into some of the Word 2016 features including layouts, themes, and formatting tools.
Microsoft Word 2016: IntroductionMicrosoft Word 2016: Introduction
In this course, we’ll be exploring the new features in this edition of Microsoft Word, as well as going over the fundamental functions and tools that Word has to offer.