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Eduhero Spotlight - Michelle H - Splendora ISD

February 24th, 2022 9:59AM

In education, there are ordinary and extraordinary occurrences every day. Often, it's hard to find time to celebrate during these challenging times. We have had the Hero Panel for many years. If you are not familiar, the Hero Panel is on top of the Eduhero website and is a friendly competition amongst users. Points are generated from course completions, making a hundred on a course, and social media sharing.

We wish to recognize these noteworthy contenders who have worked hard to remain on top. In order to celebrate their achievements, we will be sending a shoutout weekly about the top five users. We hope you will join us in congratulating this remarkable achievement.

The Eduhero Team is thrilled to highlight the 4th user in ALL of Eduhero! Michelle Holy from Splendora ISD is not only in the top five statewide; she is the #1 user in Region 6! We commend Michelle on her hard work! Thanks for all that you do.
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