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New Course - McKinney-Vento Act

May 31st, 2023 9:42AM

McKinney-Vento Act
In Texas alone, approximately 93,000 students experiencing homelessness have been counted. School faculty, staff, and administration play an important role in helping these students. The new McKinney-Vento & Students Experiencing Homelessness course on Eduhero covers your responsibilities as an educator. 
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Ricardo R. posted07/30/23, 2:45AM


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Dorothy J. posted07/27/23, 2:45PM

We as educator's should be aware and give assistance to the student when the need arises

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EVELYN H. posted07/23/23, 7:18AM

This is one of the best program for families in need that no child left behind. Excellent program for every school district around the world.

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Blake B. posted07/22/23, 2:00PM

Let's be vigilant and help out these students who are experiencing something terribly unfortunate. Our attention to detail(s) can change the trajectory of someone's life in a positive way. May you all have a blessed and wonderful new school year! Let's be ever mindful of why teaching has been noted as such a noble profession in the past.

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Sonya N. posted07/22/23, 12:25PM

Hopefully there is some kind of solution for this problem for the students

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Dorothy J. posted07/20/23, 9:37AM

Poverty can be hidden at times, children are ashamed for people to know their situation. We can help with this problem and helping the student to understand it is fine to ask for help

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Santarita M. posted07/19/23, 1:40PM

Hopefully, the existing programs/policies will intensify the urgent need to address the problems based on the existing data.

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ERIC B. posted07/17/23, 2:43AM

Hopefully there is a plan in place to help with this problem.

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Wandolyn J. posted07/11/23, 8:45PM

I did not realized that we had so many homeless students in Texas. I can not imagine how these students are feeling living in a shelter.

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Tessa O. posted06/27/23, 4:59PM

Texas has a lot more homeless students than I imagined.

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Jane S. posted06/11/23, 2:21AM