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Eduhero Features: Learning Tab

September 13th, 2013 2:29PM


Educators are often looking for software that is fun, engaging, easy to use, and easily accessible due to busy schedules. Eduhero seeks to provide teachers with this convenience by offering unique features that are unlike any professional development program on the market today. In an effort to streamline the process and make learning simple, Eduhero focuses on maintaining an engaging, interactive, and user-friendly platform. We also give credit to our course tracking feature found in the Learning Tab. This feature allows users to view the courses they are currently enrolled in, track the progress of these courses, pin courses for easy access, and view the course plans that are established by their district. Below we will provide you with a quick preview of these options so you can see how easy and fun it can be to learn within Eduhero. 
Incomplete Tab

The first tab you will find within your Learning Tab is the Incomplete Tab. This tab includes a list of your incomplete courses that you are currently enrolled in. Within this tab you are able to view and track the progress of each course, as well as see your last test attempt. You may also launch the course from where you left off or restart your progress on the course. All of these options are accessible within the same window, and allow educators to move through their courses at a quicker pace. Best of all, you can track your completion in real-time.
Complete Tab

The next tab you will see is the Completed Tab. This allows access to the course and has many of the same features as the Incomplete Tab. However, within this tab you can now see your best test score and the day it was completed, as well as the ability to view or download your certificate of completion. This tab ensures that you will always have access to your previous courses and be able to refresh your learning. You may simply view your completion certificate to share your success.
Pinned Tab

Another feature is the Pinned Tab. This allows you to view your "pinned" courses. In Eduhero, you have the ability to pin courses you may want to save to take in the future. You can pin courses wherever you see the pin icon. Click it once, and it will become an actively pinned course, turning red instead of black. This feature allows you to pin courses as you find them throughout the website and access them in one location.
Plans Tab

The final tab is the Plans Tab. This allows users to view the menu of courses that have been assigned and created by their district. These plans can be customized by the administrator, but are usually assigned with a due date and are easily tracked. This tab has provided continued satisfaction from district managers and teachers who are able to stay engaged with their administrators without daily communication.As you can see, we are always seeking to advance Eduhero. Our mission is centered around fulfilling educators' needs making it easier for our users to customize their experience to get the most out of their professional development. Try it yourself and see just how fun learning can actually be!
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