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New blog feature!

July 10th, 2014 8:30AM

New blog feature!
Immediate News Updates
Eduhero’s new blog feature offers an improved resource for districts to communicate with their staff. This blog will offer updates about Eduhero news, courses, and features. Quick, easy access to announcements are available from the front page of
Site-wide Social Media and Community
The Eduhero Blog promotes communication, encouragement, and understanding for all members of the Eduhero community. Comments can be made by any registered user exclusively on the Eduhero website. At Eduhero, we advocate discussion on topics and ideas about the course(s) for development and improvement of each user’s learning experience.
Blog Posts on a District Level
Not only are there blog posts and communication on a national level, but districts have the availability to post district-wide news and information as well. District Managers will have the ability to communicate on a district or campus level where they can voice different requirements, plans, and other information individually crafted for their audience.
Feel free to tell us your opinion or ask any questions in the comments!
Posted by Robyn C.