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Attention: Develop Content for Eduhero!

September 29th, 2022 9:43AM

The Eduhero Team at Region 6 Education Service Center is looking for highly qualified subject-matter experts in education. We believe the best way to provide relevant, engaging, and quality content is to expand our team of consultants. We are looking for administrators, specialists, or master teachers in the following areas.

  • Gifted & Talented - Courses for the 6-hour Update
  • Special Education - ChildFind
  • Special Programs - McKinney Vento
  • Substitute Teacher Specialists/Coordinators - Substitute Teacher Overview
  • T-TESS Overview
  • Chapter 37/Discipline
  • Technology - Tech Tools in the Classroom
  • Technology - Phishing Training
  • Technology - Zoom
  • Technology - Google
  • Technology - Office 365
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Paraprofessional Training - All Areas

Please fill out our form if you are interested in consulting with the Eduhero Team or want more information.
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Out with the old, in with the new! Come check out the newly updated Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher course. This course is for school employees who have had the Basic Bloodborne Pathogen training within the past year. It meets the refresher training requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, as well as Chapter 96 of the Texas Administrative Code.
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Breaking News - Technology Essentials

September 23rd, 2022 10:40AM

The Eduhero Team is regularly evaluating and updating courses. While evaluating the Technology Essentials series, we discovered that most key points are now covered in other courses. Therefore, we will be removing the course on November 30, 2022.

Please make sure that the series is completed by then if it is included in any Plan. In its place, we recommend Digital Citizenship for Educators and CIPA & COPPA for Teachers. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Warmest Regards,
The Eduhero Team
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Updated Course - Digital Citizenship 6th - 8th
Your students spend more and more time online, but are they behaving responsibly and staying safe? The newly updated course Digital Citizenship 6th - 8th is now here.

In this student course, you'll learn about protecting one's web identity, key ways to recognize cyberbullying, defining safe and affect online searches, and protecting copyright.

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Brand New Course - Podcasting for Educators

September 1st, 2022 3:40PM

Brand New Course - Podcasting for Educators!
Check out the brand new course Podcasting for Educators! This course will cover the benefits of podcasting and how it is used in schools. We’ll then get you started making your own podcasts and how to tailor it to your audience.
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