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Exploring the Hero Panel

November 20th, 2013 12:00PM

Exploring the Hero Panel
If you haven't yet discovered a new addition, Eduhero offers a unique social feature that is not found on any other professional development website. This feature is known as the Hero Panel, which displays users as they complete courses and gain Knowledge Points (KP's) on Eduhero. Users gain Knowledge Points by completing a course (+20 KP), scoring 100% on a course test (+10 KP), and sharing the course via social media platforms (+5 KP). The Hero Panel provides casual competition among Texas school districts, as well as campuses within a district, to foster better performance and increased learning for teachers. If you're not part of a district, you can still enjoy competing for a site-wide rank seen by all.
Upon logging into Eduhero, the Hero Panel is minimized and visible at the top of the screen. Click the (+) to open the panel (or anywhere on the panel itself).
This will give the users with a district email the ability to view their Campus, District, Region, and Overall (site-wide) activity on Eduhero by clicking the gray tabs near the top. The blue progress bar indicates the users' progress made on all the courses on the Eduhero website. The green bar indicates progress reached based on the gray tab selected. For examplhero-panel-3.pnge, by clicking the Campus tab, you would see the overall knowledge of your campus, and by then clicking the District tab, you would see the overall knowledge just within your district, etc. This section also allows the user to click and view the Top Districts on Eduhero, as well as the Top Users in Your District, all in ladder format. Not all users will see the same results as in the screenshot above though. Users not tied to any school district within Eduhero will only see the Overall tab, ranked with site-wide activity.
Whenever you have reached a certain amount of Knowledge Points, Eduherowill alert you that you have leveled up, giving you access to new Avatars and Backgrounds for you to choose from.

These choices will affect your appearance box that is now displayed in the Hero Panel activity and your Profile. You can change these settings at any time from My Account in Eduhero.

heropanel-4.pngThat's about all there is to it. It's easy to use with a community-centered approach. Please send any feedback you may have about the Hero Panel, as this always directly correlates with important changes made to Eduhero's features.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to to check out the Hero Panel, gain Knowledge Points, customize your profile or appearance, and see the success of your district!
Posted by Robyn C.
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Toni T. posted07/25/19, 11:28AM

My points stopped accumulating. No big deal, but there must be a bug in the system.

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Cathy C. posted07/15/14, 11:03AM

I love watching the competition between Carl, Beaute, and Innocence!!!