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Updated Course - Suicide Awareness & Prevention

August 2nd, 2023 3:38PM

Introducing our newly updated vital course for Texas school district employees Suicide Awareness & Prevention. Our goal is to equip you with crucial information on youth suicide, enabling you to try and prevent these tragedies. Gain a comprehensive understanding and learn evidence-based strategies to identify warning signs, offer support, and create a safe environment for at-risk students. Together, we can make a significant difference in safeguarding the well-being of our youth.
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Isis W. posted08/23/23, 11:00AM

I believe if the children have a safe space and we engage with them they will engage with us and we can talk about preventative measures

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ANNIE P. posted08/16/23, 8:16AM

My nane is Annie Preston and I complwted this course, howev I however, I did completed it without receiving conform from your "Eduhero" confirmation dividion o any noiication of signing on. I am an eductator within Aldine ISD, and I don't recall the date of completion. Please system check your "Eduhero" program. I do not want to take this distric rquired program

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Lisa H. posted08/14/23, 7:41AM

i believe if we put signs up and make sure we are there for are kids. it will help a lot.

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Carmen W. posted08/13/23, 5:35PM

I believe that if we are attentive to suicide signs, we could indeed, make a difference in someone’s life and future

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Sheree W. posted08/10/23, 11:40AM

I learned so much about suicide awareness & prevention. It is just so sad that this exists in the world we live in today. With training and signs to look for I hope that we can help the at-risk students.

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Sarah L. posted08/09/23, 5:57PM

I gained a lot of great and informative information about this subject. I just saddens me that so many young children and young adults have to go through this alone, We really need to reach out with open minds and heart to help each of of them.