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New Eduhero Courses: Mid-2014

July 15th, 2014 10:00AM

It's been a long time since we updated you on the latest and greatest courses Eduhero has to offer. That's why we thought it was a great chance to take advantage of the new blog and report some of our favorites to you. Please take the time to check them out if you haven't already! Read more HERE.
Latest Compliance
Understanding Diabetes in Education
This course will educate school personnel about effective diabetes management and to share a set of best practices that enable schools to ensure a safe learning environment for students with diabetes, particularly those who use insulin to control the disease.
Allergy and Anaphylaxis
This module addresses both prevention and response to assist school personnel managing life-threatening allergies or allergic reactions for students with food allergies.
Dyslexia Awareness Module 3
In the final module of this course you will understand how the requirements and the information provided in the dyslexia handbook affects district and campus decisions. 
Sexual Harassment for Educators
It is often ignored or disregarded until it escalates in severity. In this course, you will examine the law, explore what constitutes sexual harassment, and discover effective prevention methods & reporting procedures.
Latest Webinars
Tips & Tricks for Google Spreadsheets
Learn basic tips and tricks for using Google Spreadsheets in the classroom. Some common formulas we will explore include count-if, arrays, and transpose. (This is part of a webinar series)
Toon Your Classroom
Explore various animation and comic strip tools to enhance your student's classroom creativity and experience. Tools include Make Beliefs Comix, Toondoo, Chogger, Pixton, Bitstrips For Schools, Comic Life, and GoAnimate. (This is part of a webinar series)
Photo Editing Tools
Explore various FREE photo editing tools that can be used by both teacher and student in today's creative classrooms. Tools include PicMonkey, Pixlr, Fotoflexer, BeFunky, IPiccy, BigHugeLabs, Blockposters, Photofunia, and TypoEffects. (This is part of a webinar series)
Using Technology to Create and Present
It's not just PowerPoint anymore! Check out some great simple FREE tools to get your students creating beautiful informative presentations in just minutes. (This is part of a webinar series)
Please let us know which are your favorites or any ideas you might have for future courses in the comments HERE!
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New blog feature!

July 10th, 2014 8:30AM

New blog feature!
Immediate News Updates
Eduhero’s new blog feature offers an improved resource for districts to communicate with their staff. This blog will offer updates about Eduhero news, courses, and features. Quick, easy access to announcements are available from the front page of
Site-wide Social Media and Community
The Eduhero Blog promotes communication, encouragement, and understanding for all members of the Eduhero community. Comments can be made by any registered user exclusively on the Eduhero website. At Eduhero, we advocate discussion on topics and ideas about the course(s) for development and improvement of each user’s learning experience.
Blog Posts on a District Level
Not only are there blog posts and communication on a national level, but districts have the availability to post district-wide news and information as well. District Managers will have the ability to communicate on a district or campus level where they can voice different requirements, plans, and other information individually crafted for their audience.
Feel free to tell us your opinion or ask any questions in the comments!
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New Features: Groups & Plans

February 26th, 2014 8:54AM

New Features: Groups & Plans
New Features: Groups
Our team has been working hard to incorporate feedback from districts and improve Eduhero even further. The Groups and Plans are found from the Control Panel, given you are a District Manager or Campus Manager, so please take the time to explore these new features.
Eduhero Groups (New)

You can now create Groups and assign users within each. These Groups are used not only for filtering data in the Eduhero Reports, but can also be assigned to a Plan.

There is currently no limit to how many people can be assigned to a Group, so the possibilities are endless. You could create a Group called Coaches, for example, thus easily making a Plan for your Coaches to complete.

Groups are actually quite simple, but it is how they're used which may take some getting used to, so please take the time to learn this much wanted feature!

Eduhero Plans (Updated) 

You may also notice major changes to Plans and the way they are created. First, you must create a Plan Draft, setting a title and note, and add up to 20 courses. Added courses cannot be changed after launching the plan.

  1. When you're happy with your Plan Draft, just hit "Launch" and you will be taken to a 4 step process.
  2. Review or update the Plan title and note. This can be changed after launch.
  3. Set the Start and End dates for your Plan. This cannot be changed after launch.
  4. Share your plan with a District/Campus, created Group, or an Individual. This also cannot be changed after launch.
  5. Review your plan and make any final changes. Then click "Launch" to make it active for users to see.
Please take the time to learn this new process and use it to your benefit. You should also notice that any plans created prior to today are still intact and you can still view Reports on them. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you and have a great week!
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Come see us at TCEA!

January 13th, 2014 1:39PM

Come see us at TCEA!

Visit Booth #2031 at Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Convention next week to meet the faces behind Eduhero! We will be in the exhibit hall and would love to see as many educators as possible. We encourage you to come by and give us feedback on how Eduhero is working for you and discuss any recommendations or requests for next year's course catalog as district satisfaction is our number one priority.

We will be available to answer any questions and will be demonstrating all of our popular features. We created Eduhero to meet the specific needs of our Texas educators and watching the rapid growth of Eduhero has been an exciting journey. We can't wait to show you what else is in store this year.

For information on TCEA, go to

See you there!
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Welcome Back Educators!

January 6th, 2014 11:38AM

Welcome Back Educators!
Welcome Back!
The beginning of a new year can be a challenge as student's return from a long break. It is important to continue goals, as well as inject new materials and activities. Eduhero can help you this year by offering new courses on the latest and greatest technology, classroom management tips, and annual requirements.

Our course "Twitter For Educators" can help you get started engaging students very quickly. Interested in having students start their own blog? Check out "Blogger in the Classroom" and "Blogger for Teachers." It's important to push the boundaries by using Web 2.0 strategies as often as possible. If you need tips, check out "Web 2.0 Tools For Everyone." Explore the myriad of courses Eduhero has to offer and learn how to implement new tools in your classroom. We are very excited for what is to come -- using technology in education is full of endless possibilities.

Want to explore a new program or get application specific help? Check out our ever expanding library of webinar courses within the Webinar Series. We have courses on Blogger, Google Drive, Discovery Education, Edmodo, Symbaloo, and more!

One of Eduhero's resolutions is to have thousands more educators join this year. We already have over 10,200 users! Help spread the word about by liking, sharing, and tweeting Eduhero on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It is by word of mouth that we are successful, so again we thank you for all your continued support.

Here's to a new year full of learning and wonder!
Posted by Robyn C.
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